About Me

Short story: (ask me about the long one spanning 40+ years) I joind the Army in 1977 to repair radar equipment which started my career in repairing electronics. I've been an Apple user since 1989 when I bought a used powerbook 100 and was amazed at the ease of use compared to the typical Windows PC. Eventually the powerbook broke so without a thought on if I could repair it, I took it apart and fixed it in a matter of hours ( I'm a natural) so I started to repair them for fun. Well fun as you can see turned into a busy part time business.

Remember the Apple Newton? If not it came out in 1993, it was a handheld device like to the Palm Pilot (Apple's competition) but had a bigger screen and actually recognized your hand writing and converted it into text as opposed to learning Graffitti (a shorthand writing Palm used). I bought one for my videography business (one of many businesses that I've started) for scheduling. I later found that there was a market for used ones. That was when I started my first online (when the web was just starting to catch on) business called The PDA Connection in which I repaired and sold Apple Newtons.

I became a Newton guru spending countless hours fixing and modifying them. Even after it was discontinued in 1998 my business was still going strong, Then, when the iPod came out in 2001, I instantly fell in love with it, imagine a music player the size of a deck of cards and holding a thousand songs! I immediately took it apart (I can't help myself) and found my new online business. Which has now grown to include most all of Apple's product line, LCD TV's, Game systems, smart phones, tablets and most other electronic items. I am even doing small appliances due to everything incorporating electronics now, even toasters, hahaha.

I also was the former president and Apple Liaison of the White Mountain Apple User Group.

I hope you found this interesting and I appreciate your reading this to find out about me and welcome your business. Feel free to email me any time.